CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet
CardVault Cardholder Wallet

CardVault Cardholder Wallet

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The CardVault Card Holder Wallet uses it's innovative features to combine practicality, and security into one stylish wallet, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a modern and safe way to carry their cards without carrying a heavy, bulky traditional wallet.

  • Over 3x thinner than traditional wallets. 
  • Durable lightweight aluminum build.
  • Space for up to 12 cards. 
  • Slim & minimalistic design.
  • External money clip for cash notes.
  • Quick access at the push of your finger.
  • Blocks RFID to prevent wrireless theft of you card details.

No Pocket Bulge

Traditional wallets are bulky, heavy and uncomfortable to carry. The CardVault is ultra thin to bring back comfortability and reduce pocket bulge even in small pockets.

Holds Up To 12 Cards

We know you have several important cards from bank cards to birthday gift vouchers. That's why we created the CardVault to hold up to 12 cards that can be accessed at the push of your fingertip.

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RFID Data Protection

Either side of the CardVault is equipped with aluminium plates that block the signal from scammers trying to wirelessly download your card details. 

Built To last

Made from lightweight aluminium, the CardVault is designed to withstand the general wear and tear that daily life brings so you can forget about having to buy a new wallet every 6 months.

Over 3 Times Smaller Than Traditional Wallets

The CardVault's significantly smaller size over traditonal wallets allow it to be easily carried in small pockets & handbags or in the same pocket as your phone & keys.

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Instant Access To All Cards

The thumb groove design of the CardVault allows you to instantly push all your cards into view and select the card you need.

Peace Of Mind Against Fraud

RFID blocking technology serves as a safeguard against digital theft and unauthorized scanning of your cards.

The CardVault shields your cards from potential electronic pickpocketing, protecting your sensitive information and ensuring your financial security. 

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Slim Design.jpg__PID:6a692b07-1893-4878-82ae-966d663019f2

Tight & Secure Expandible Design

The internal elastic strap around the wallet secures up to 12 cards in the CardVault. Don't have 12 cards? No problem! 

The elastic strap holds 2-3 cards in the wallet just as strongly as holding 11-12 cards because of it expandable design. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

"A great compact and study card holder."

"The wallet feels premium, sturdy and sleek, it;s a huge difference from having a bulky wallet laden with receipts and other shrapnel for the past 18 years. If you find yourself rarely using cash like myself (maybe once a month) then this card holder is perfect."

- Lucas McCullough, York, England

"Excellent Quality Product."

"I carry mine in my pocket beside keys and change and it's still in excellent condition so I would say that’s a testament to it's durability and sturdiness! Also if you prefer a slimmer profile, the money clip is removable."

- Thomas Lavery, Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland

"Good little wallet."

"I'd never seen any wallets like this in person and the photos don't do it justice. Bought it on a whim so I wasn't really sure what to expect but it's actually a great little thing, I can put my credit cards in and throw around as my daily wallet. Much more efficient than my previous wallet."

- William Clarke, Aberdeen, Scotland

"Originally bought one for my dad."

"My Dad has had his for a year now and although I didn't like it at first, I do have to say that it grew on me so I bought one as my old wallet was too big to fit in my women-size pockets. I definitely recommend to anyone looking for something small and practical to store their cards."

Susan Cunningham, Belfast, UK

"Holds everything I Need."

"I was seeing these card holders around and they always intrigued me. I never pay cash, so there is no point in me having a big purse that I ended up having to carry on nights out. This compact, sturdy and practical wallet can fit in my tiny pockets and holds everything I need."

- Carol Fox, Newport, Wales

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